Look for Less – Cara Delevigne NYFW Look!

Welcome back everyone!

So today’s post is the last one for this week, but i have 4 brand new posts coming out next week!

Todays post is something different: it’s a look for less! Im a victim of seeing celebrity styles both at events and in real life and becoming obsessed, but also knowing that i will never a) look like that or b) afford that. I will also mention that i am not in anyway perfect and know that this isn’t exactly the same as Cara’s look, but it’s my interpretation of it.

I have listed below all the products i used and where you can get them. Some of the steps are also optional and I’ll have those listed at the end (i just took extra steps since i don’t have the greatest skin).

Here are all the products used:

Cara Delevingne Look for Less:

  1. Primer – Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  2. Colour Corrector – Quo Color Corrector (Shoppers Drug Mart) + cream shadow brush (Walmart) & Cream Shadow Brush (Walmart)
  3. Under Eye Concealer – Covergirl + Olay Eye Rehab in Light (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  4. Foundation – Fit Me Shine-Free + Balance (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart) & Beauty Blender (Winners)
  5. Concealer – Colorstay Revlon Concealer in Light (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  6. Pressed Powder – Rimmel Stay Matte in Creamy Natural (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart) + Complexion Brush (Walmart)
  7. Translucent Finisher – Revlon Photoready (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart) [used same Complexion Brush as #6)
  8. Contour – Fitme Pressed Powder in Honey Beige + NYC Sun n’ Bronze in Hamptons Radiance (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart) + Shading Brush (Walmart) & Quo Contour Brush (Shoppers Drug Mart)
  9. Blush – Milani Blush in Illuminoso (Walmart or Loblaws/Great Canadian Superstore) & Quo Blush Brush (Shoppers Drug Mart)
  10. Eyebrows – Milani Brow Fix in Light Brown (Walmart or Loblaws/Great Canadian Superstore)
  11. Eyeshadow – Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe & Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Shimmer Palette – 03 (top left + far left second from top) (Target but also available on Amazon.ca) & Blending Brush (Walmart)
  12. Eyeliner – Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Noir (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  13. Fakelashes – Elf Natural Lash Kit (Dollarama or Walmart)
  14. Mascara – Covergirl The Supersizer in Very Black (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  15. Lipliner – Rimmel Lasting Finish in Wine & Rimmel Moisture Renew Transparent Lipline (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  16. Lipstick – Covergirl Euphoria (Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart)
  17. Concealer Pencil – Hard Candy Concealer Pencil in Light (Walmart) [To create a clean line around the lips].
  18. DONE!

The optional steps are as follows: 1, 2, 3, & 7. These steps are more to get a clean canvas for your face and to help it last all day. If you already have very clear skin, feel free to save money by eliminating these steps. All the products listed could be purchased at the drugstore and are under $10.00CAN (except for the eye palette by Sonia Kashuk, but you could always get similar colours from other drugstore brands (i just used what i had). (The QUO brushes were also purchased on sale). Also, as a side note, with #15, i have two lip liners listed – you do not have to use both, you could even just pick one. I just happen to use the moisture renew lipliner for the fact that i have very dry lips during the colder months and it helps the colour stay on all day!

If you liked this post or would like to see more Look for Less looks, please leave a comment or like the post!

Have a great weekend!



Too-Faced Melted “French Kisses” Collection: Try-On & Review!

Happy Hump Day !

Why people refer to Wednesdays as hump days, i’ll never understand but i figured id jump on the bandwagon. Today’s post is all about Too-Faced’s liquified lipsticks!

Yesterday i decided (against my better judgement) to step into Sephora after class. Seeing as how I’m a) broke & b) seriously broke, it wasn’t the smartest idea. However, upon walking into the magical christmas-themed wonderland that is Sephora and they’re magical working elves, i decided why not get into the festive spirit and buy a limited edition collection of lipsticks?

I have been meaning to buy and try a few of the liquid lipsticks from too-faced, but i couldn’t decide on a colour. Luckily, the liquid lipsticks in their “French Kissed” collection come in 4 different colours, all of them wearable. So I’m just going to jump into it:

  1. Top Left: The darkest shade in the collection is called “melted berry“. The colour itself comes on really nice and sits as a cross between wine and fuchsia; not everyone’s cup of tea but i really like it. The lipsticks come with a felted tip that helps in spreading the product as opposed to it just clumping in one spot. This colour is a matte finish and stays put when testing it and drinking wine. (Don’t judge me, its been a long week).
  2. Top Right: The lightest of the “melted” shades in the collection is a soft, metallic pink called “melted metallic peony“. Let me start off by saying i thought i was going to hate this colour. I’m not generally a big fan of pink and metallic and sparkles on top of that scream “Barbie”. However, after putting it on i was pleasantly surprised. It sat nicely on-top of my lip colour, adding a bit of shimmer without the sticky feeling of lipgloss. A+ to you, too-faced!
  3. Bottom Left: The second metallic shade in the collection is “melted metallic macaron“. The bottle made me think that the shade was that to my favourite pink sharpie highlighter, however it is completely opposite. Having the same affect as the lighted “melted metallic peony”, this shade had a hint of a more coral pink and then the metallic sheen. I’m going to be going on vacation in May and i’m super excited to try that out with a tan.
  4. Bottom right: The final shade in the collection is called “melted chihuahua“. This is probably my favourite colour in the collection. It is the perfect matte nude shade to wear everyday. It goes on smooth and doesn’t look fake (like someone is wearing concealer on their lips). Definitely picking up this color in a full-sized bottle (yes, i checked if it comes in a full-sized bottle).

Overall, i am super happy with my purchase. The 4 travel sized bottles costed about $30.00CAN at Sephora. Although small in size i have a strong feeling that they will last me quite some time. The great thing about this product is that a little goes along way!


Winter Warriors: Combination Skin Saviours!

I’m going  to try and stay away from the typical “winter skin care routine” blog and state blatantly that i do not intact use the products that are mentioned below every day. I’m sure all of you know the struggles of being constantly on your toes, going to work or school (or both like in my case) and then being to tired some nights to even wipe off your make-up (i know, its bad, but i never said i was a professional!)

Since things in Toronto have finally started to cool off, the cold, crisp air has definitely taken a toll on my face. All year round my skin is usually on the oily side, but for some reason in the winter i tend to get dry patches on top of it making finding the right products a pain and a half.

However, the 5 products listed below are great not just for combination skin, but also for oily or dry. Just be sure to know what time you have before making the purchase:

  1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser – $12.50CAD at Sephora – This cleanser is definitely one of the better ones that i’ve tried. It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave a sticky residue after washing it off. Right after washing, you’re skin feels fresh and smooth, with no slickness from your oily skin. Definitely keeps my skin matte all day.
  2. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask – $30.00CAD at Sephora – This product is a miracle worker! Due to my oily skin, I’m no stranger to breakouts. However, after using this face mask once to twice a week before bed seriously cleared things up. My face was no longer red, and the pimples were just minor bumps and dried out ASAP. A little on the pricier side, but definitely worth checking out. (This is the full sized bottle, but you can also get the same size after falling in love just like i did!)
  3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer – $30.00CAD at Sephora – This product is also on the pricier side, but in combination with the cleanser it really is worth the splurge. After cleansing, i put this on the parts of my face that are prone to dry patches, primarily the top of my nose and my forehead. Once its on, I’m good to put on my make-up without  worrying about foundation flakes (ew.)
  4. Goat Milk Face Cream – $12.09CAD on Amazon – Ok. I know. Its not even in english. I got this face cream from my mom after she went to visit my family in Poland but before you think I’m crazy using weird foreign goat creams, here me out. This stuff is so rich and creamy and has a nice oatmeal smell, not goat cheese. I don’t use it all the time just because of how rich it is, but if you use this after using a face mask and then go to sleep, i promise you will feel like a million bucks! It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and healthy and for whatever reason you will wake up feeling like you just got the worlds greatest facial! Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.amazon.com/Goats-Milk-Day-Cream-Face/dp/B002TVIDEI

That’s all for the winter warriors for this post! Until next time!
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xo. Veronika

*all products were purchased by myself, and all opinions listed are mine alone!


Fall Obsession: Rose Gold

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today’s blog post is a little different from the usual, but i figured with the holidays just a month away it would be something “festive”.

This year was definitely the year for copper and rose-gold toned things! I’ve seen jewellery, make-up brushes, iPhones, and even tea-cups sporting the girly take on the classic yellow gold. This brassy, metallic pink hue may be out of some people comfort zone but it sure makes for a conversational piece!

Jumping on with the trend this year, i have purchased a few rose gold pieces including earrings, watches, bracelets and yes even the rose gold eyelash curler and spotted tea cup. (Honestly, who could resist?)

When you pair rose gold and white, it creates a comfy and cozy look that will surely warm up any cold fall day!

What’s your favourite fall obsession? Be sure to comment below!
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xo. Veronika
* Rose Gold Eyelash Curler – Unknown Brand – Winners $5.99
* Rose Gold Polka Dot Tea Cup & Saucer – Goodwill – $4.99


Back to Reality

My last blog post was posted 10 months ago…

In the past year, there have been many up’s and down’s in my life. My intention when starting this blog was as a form of expression; i wanted a place to express myself and show my ideas and hopefully inspire other people with my tips and tricks. Unfortunately, with the way things have fallen into place, and the rough road that laid ahead, i needed to take a break from everything.

This time last year, i would have never seen my life as the way it is today. However, i will admit that everything has finally fallen into place and i believe i can finally express myself.

I used this year to discover who i am, to find out what makes me, well, me, and what makes me unique. Along the way, a lot of things have changed, from my preference in music, to my taste in clothes.

One thing that stayed the same however; BEAUTY.

I still enjoy dolling up and have found a new love for experimenting with new make-up brands and techniques.

However, with the new blog posts i have planned, i decided not to just focus on beauty…

This blog will have lifestyle posts, recipes, DIY’s, fashion and more!

So stay tuned, and i promise not to disappoint!

xox, Veronika

Smashbox Haul!

I’ve been away from this site for far too long, and since i might finally have some time to get back into the swing of things.

I sincerely apologize for my absence, so i decided what better way to get back into talking about beauty without a massive haul??

In early December (& yes i am aware it is now January), i decided to hit up Sephora and push my points to their end goal of $1000 in one calendar year by spending a bit too much money. A university student who knows how to break the bank, what a talent.

Most beauty guru’s on YouTube usually rave about 3 main brands: 1) Urban Decay, 2) Benefit, & 3) Smashbox. Since I’m already pretty familiar with the first too, i went straight to Smashbox and just went all out. I purchased a total of 9 things (1 item is actually Sephora brand):

1) Smashbox Telephoto 3-in-1 Face Brush
2) Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Sumatra
3) Smashbox Limitless 15h Wear Cream Shadow in Riches
4) Smashbox Limitless 15h Wear Cream Shadow in Gemstone
5) Smashbox Bronze Lights Skin Perfecting Bronzer in Sunkissed Matte
6) Smashbox Blush Rush in Chiffon
7) Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Taupe
8) Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes SPF15 in Fair
9) Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Fig Lustre

I have since tried all of them out and let me tell you, they are amazing. The one thing I’m not too fond of is the Face Brush. It’s not as great as i thought it be, but since my Kabuki brush magically disappeared it will do. If anyone would like, i think in may make a post of how they all look on together just to see. I don’t usually where the cream shadows everyday because they are for a more dramatic look, but the rest I’m swapped into my daily routine.

Also not sure if i should make more YouTube video’s… Took a lot of time and not too sure if i should just stick to writing first? What do you think?? Let me know below!

Have a great day guys!
xox Veronika


I Made a YouTube Channel! :D

Hey Guys!!

I have some super great news! 

SOOO. I know I’ve been AWOL for the past couple weeks but it was all for a good cause… the reason being… that i made a YouTube Channel! So now all my reviews and posts can be summarized visually and i can show you all my techniques including and not limited too:

1) skincare routines
2) hair tutorials
3) makeup tutorials
4) DIY’s
5) Hauls



I am super excited and looking forward to making all the videos ! 
I just posted my first video and its a faux side-shave tutorial!

Check it out if your interested, and all your support will be greatly appreciated!

Ps. It might be a little sloppy but hey its my first video!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx8TMP2-moE


Thanks again guys, 🙂

xoxo Veronika

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores !

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is about my top 10 favourite online clothing stores. These are actually ONLINE ONLY stores, not online stores for stand up shops like Forever 21 or Brandy Melville. However, some may have 1 or 2 stores somewhere in the world.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like trying something new and i decided to look for some cool, unique pieces for my upcoming spring/summer wardrobe. A friend of mine linked one website to me in particular, and i can tell you that i am officially OBSESSED with these clothes!

If your looking for unique, laid-back, modern pieces then check out some of these sites! 

(Im not endorsed at all, just posting my opinion)

1. Hello Molly 

2. Sabo Skirt

3. Tobi

4. Necessary Clothing

5. Runaway Bandits

6. UrbanOG

7. Go Jane

8. Delia’s

9. Papaya

10. Venus

Check them out ! Really good prices, and some seriously awesome pieces!

(They are not in order of preference, just by memory)

Best Way to Organize a “Small” Make-Up Collection!

Hello lovelies!

Today’s post is about organizing your make-up! Personally, i don’t buy a whole bunch of make up that i will never use and that sits in its cubby until the expiration day comes by. By most standards, that makes me a “newbie”. However, i rather spend my money on trips and clothes than a whole bunch of make up that i’ll never use!

After my makeup collection out grew its previous place in its holder in my desk, i sought out a new way to stack and organize!

After a much overdue trip to Wal-Mart, i was in search of a potential oversized tupper ware container, or something of the like. BIG NO NO! Luckily, Wal-Mart has a “organization” aisle, and praise the lord i found one of the greatest plastic inventions ever. For about $6.00 i bought myself this mini plastic 3-drawer storage container. The top has two gaps, an additional space with a cover and then the 3 drawers as well. 

As soon as i got home i broke out this bad boy. 

This is how i ended up dividing everything: the two open gaps on the top have about a 5 centimetre drop. It fit a majority of my favourite lipstick and stains in one gap. The other gap holds all my make up brushes. (Veronika 1 – Make-Up 0).

Next is the covered gap; in there i through my “go-to” make up, so pretty much what i use daily. That’s my easy access drawer. Just lift, grab and your done! 

Lastly i have my three drawers:

1. Top Drawer: Face Make Up (concealer, primer, foundation, powder, etc.)
2. Second Drawer: Eye Make-Up (eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner, etc.)
3. Third Drawer: Lip Care + Extra (lip gloss, lip scrub + additional foundation where i was lacking space.)

This container does the job and keeps it all nice and organized; any go-to-girls dream!